Throwback Thursday: #FREEMEEKMILLS

Meek was right when he stated that his mixtape is better than your album. If you wasn’t a fan of Meek’s Dream Chasers August 11th in 2011, how did you live life? DJ Drama and Maybach Music Group presented on of the best mixtapes ever. The tape consists of 20 heartfelt tracks filled with dreams and success that comes behind capturing it. Every track on Dream Chasers was relate-able, especially to a street nigga. Philly’s own had music that reached out to every hood across the nation. What do you think Meek got when he come home from prison? We believe Meek is going to whistle blow the frauds in this rap game.

With production by All Star, The Beat Bully, Jahlil Beatz, Lex Lugar, Cardiak, Southside, and more. You can check out the tracklist below.

“Tony Montana” was one of the best freestyles to ever surface. Meek punished the Future beat. He should have been on the original track in our opinion. “Body Count” featuring Rick Ross was also a favorite.

“What’s your body count, nigga? I’m double digits!”

Meek Mills 

“Realest You Ever Seen” featuring NH was a street favorite of ours. The song summarized the title “Dream Chasers”. It was a vivid track especially at the time the tape dropped. Meek is a special artist. We admire his past work such as Dream Chasers. As he elevated in his career, his lingo changed, for the better or worse? Some may say he fell off. Or maybe he just bossed up with a different lifestyle now? Besides that, we have to pay homage to the Young Big Dawg in the game. The guy who had Nicki Minaj, the guy some may have gave up on one before, Meek Milly. We pray for him and his family for his release.

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5.  Dreamchasers 



Impacting Houston Inc. Gives Back To The Community During Easter Spring Blast

Impacting Houston Inc. has been doing good deeds in the community. We witnessed this during their Easter Blast Friday, March 30th at Hobart Taylor Park. There were fun and games, food, Easter baskets, and live performances for the children to enjoy.  We had invitation by T. Nitty, owner of Southern Heat Entertainment, and Partner, Don Mucker. Their motives are to give back to the community and to those in need. Impacting Houston Inc. provides leadership skills, mentoring, team building, and opportunity to enjoy life at our best.

Photos Credit: DShotPhoto

Photos Credit: DShotPhotoPhotos Credit: DShotPhoto

This event was bought to you by The United Healthcare, B.C. Elmore Elementary, Hobart Taylor Park, AfroBeatz Fitness, 93.7 Beat Radio, Beauty Empire, and a host of others. In attendance, Major Sylvester Turner, Congresswoman Shelia Jackson, and Council Member Jerry Davis, and Council Member Amanda Edwards were greeted by everyone in the park. There were a live fitness session on stage with Ms. Lola with AfroBeatz Fitness. This African style fitness class helps you burn more calories than you can think of. Lola demonstrated the dances used in her classes for people can see working out can be fun.

The performances were arranged by Southern Heat Entertainment. There were appearances by Rap Artist Austin Lanier, Lil Jesse, Young Lyric and more. For more music and entertainment, you can visit website

Lil Jesse Photos Credit: DShotPhotoPhotos Credit: DShotPhoto

Impacting Houston Inc. has year-round events that caters to the community. They come together during Back-to School, Thanksgiving, and Christmas as well. They assist with preparing kids with hair cuts, and styles for the girls prepping up for school. They serve children ages 5-18 years old.

Harris County Constable Dept Photos Credit: DShotPhoto

Overall, the outcome of the Easter Blast was a success! You were able to notice people coming together for a good cause. To see families enjoy Good Friday with festivities, brightened the entire day. With the city at a need for help, there are sleeping giants such as Impacting Houston Inc. They were able to bring beautiful vibes with families and friends.

You can visit this organization on

We look forward to seeing what will be next up as this organization Impacts Houston in such a good way.

Photos Credit: DShotPhoto

Photos Credit: DShotPhoto

*Photo Credits: DShot Photos*

The Ghost Chiefs To His New EP: “Nickel Bag”

OUT NOW !!! #nickelbag #LOX20th

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Cardi B Gives Us Her New Single “Be Careful” Listen Now!

Cardi B is giving her fans a run with her new single “Be Careful” which dropped today at midnight.

After listening to the track, she did this for the ladies. She speaks to her man, letting him know to be careful by treating her right. There are issues with dating and cheating in today’s society. She speaks on giving respect, showing you care, and being truthful in a relationship. As reviewing this song, she should have became more in-depth with her character. Her rhythm was off at moments. Even the hook, if you listen, you will it. The motive of the track is pretty cool, especially for women who can relate.

Cardi actually been invading the charts and became a household name.

Bronx Sensation will be debuting her new album “Invasion of Privacy” April 6th.

J Prince and Friends Takeover Houston For His Birthday Weeknd

If you ever been to Houston during J Prince Jr.’s birthday weekend, then you know the excitement it brings to the city. Rap A Lot’s J Prince Jr. gathered the city for ”The Mob Ties Weekend”. Every year, he creates a festive weekend with a host of celebrity guests as he celebrates his birthday. This year, he invites Money Bagg Yo, Lil Kim, Blac Youngsta, YBN Nahmir, A Boogie with The Hoodie, YBN Almighty Jay, O.T. Genesis, and more.

He begins the weekend with ”The Family Dinner” a private affair presented by Martell. We were invited to one of Houston’s best parties to date this year. This party became filled with beautiful energy and vibes. It was great to see such a family affair. Everyone enjoyed the courtesy drinks, food, to even a special painting drawn live!

The after party kicked off at Club Mercy, where the Mob made their presence known.

March 11th is now J. Prince Jr. day in Houston, TX. Congresswoman Jackson Lee help present this proclamation as well as attending his block party in 5th ward that Sunday.  We were then invited to his block party in celebration to his birthday. Jr. had several guests appearances come through to celebrate with him.

J. Prince Jr. throws this celebration every year, allowing his city to become apart of some everlasting moments, especially in our hip-hop culture. His good deeds in the community has grown and has not gone unnoticed. That night of the block party, was a shooting beneath the building he was celebrating at. It was said there were two victims shot. As the crowd of hundreds fled the scene, it became a scary site to see. A scary site due to the positive motives Rap A Lot had to embrace to the city. This senseless act made the event less exciting. No one from the Rap A Lot camp had anything to do with this crime. It was just a dumb move made by someone steering for attention. The night was going great, until the devil became busy. Tabloids has made it seem as though this was Rap A Lot’s doing. As if it was enticed. After having the congresswoman present, as well as having family and friends at this event, someone still had the need to cause a gruesome scene. Besides the negative, this weekend was a highlight of the year for the city of Houston. We look forward to more of the March Madness and excitement this year from the Mob.

Today Rap A Lot brings Lil Uzi Vert in town for a live performance. Tickets are on sale now!



Backstage Bryan Gets Hypebeast Kreeg To Workout, And Then This Happens….

We had to make sure you take a look at this puppet with these tattoos and supreme underwear on. With his swagger with the fashion, this guy has to get his fits customed right?! This guy is definitely a gangterfied act! Backstage Bryan gets Hypebeast Kreeg to come to the Horsemen Worldwide World. Kreeg has to workout, and it doesn’t get easy for the kiddo. Bryan suffers getting Kreeg to put all efforts into getting fit. He had to entice the puppet with a blunt of that gas. This comedy get weirder as you watch in laughter! You can check these guys on IG at @hypebeastkreeg and @backstageBryan. Check it out below!