My City Rock With Me Show In Houston

We were definitely in the Nyte Lyfe for an interesting show at Skyline Hookah Lounge featuring several independent artists in Houston. While there were some mishaps with Main Artists in view, the show become a very important night for those that attended.

Thursday, June 14th, Nyte Lyfe covered the Kidd Kidd and Young Roddy concert set for Houston. Due to delay with travel and miscommunications, they were unable to be present. As New Orleans natives, this was a highlight of supports to both artists and their movements. We will keep updated with Kidd Kidd and Young Roddy while they are on tour. We worked with Camp Lyfe Entertainment by finding some of the rawest artists, looking for a platform that gain exposure in all the right places.

Besides the delay, the show must go on! The crowd were not in much distress about the main acts. There were even artists who traveled from all over to be apart of this show. Walking into the venue, many were there to see what the opening acts were going to do. DJ Lil Dallas kept the artists in motion. There was also DJ Magnificent who was present for artist Sin-Say’s set. DJ Lil Zac was also there to present closing act Artist Yung Al.

Below are some artists and their line up:

  1. L.S.T.
  2. Memphis Flame
  3. Sin-Say
  4. Brickyard Boss
  5. Inspirational Trap God
  6. LadFlu & Keya Daijon
  7. Yung Al
  8. SackLife Relly
  9. Lockup Entertainment ( Bellion Boss, B Muuuuney, Lil 30, 2 Tall, Lockup CEO)
  10. MacMalone

It was a pleasure to have media and press to come along and greet everyone with photos and interviews on site. As the show went on, Artists were networking with our partners in the media world:

  • The Texas Plug
  • Devine Images
  • Openn Radio w/ Street 93.3
  • She Go Hard Entertainment
  • Corporate Chick Entertainment

Our overall experience of the show was from the lessons learned throught presenting this event to everyone. Never give up! Show consistency! All Artists gave a show we believe they rarely encountered before. To have many of your peers in supports showed the participation from the room. Be on the lookout for footage of this event!


#INTHENYTELYFE w/ Black Montana

Nyte Lyfe Lexx chops it up with Alabama Artist Black Montana during his guest appearance for The Hip Hop Live Review Show. Black Montana has some dope music that becomes relatable to the streets. His energy and presence is something unique. We enjoyed kicking it with his team Hustle Life, Putting in some Work in the streets. He discuss his latest project and descibes himself as an artist.

You can find him on all social media outlets @blackmontana205.

Make sure you check out his tape “Drankin Out Da Pyrex” hosted by Bigga Rankin.


We had Westbank’s Artist FNM $hoota as our featured guest on the Hip-Hop Live Review Show in Houston and enjoyed his company. Check out The footage with Nyte Lyfe Lexx as they chop it up about his latest projects, point of views on music today, the culture of hip-hop, and more.

You can find FNM $hoota at @fnm_shoota (IG) and

OMB BLOODBATH “All I Know” – Watch Now

We know the saying “A lot of these ladies harder than you niggas”. That’s a fact when it comes to Houston’s Female Artist OMB Bloodbath. Production of the track is by TNTXD. With her latest visual “All I Know” directed by Sedrick Savoy (SSFilmz), she came out with much swag with the street demeanor you can’t fabricate.

The video has all the street vibes for anyone to relate to. Its creative and scenic approach was given throughout the video. As Bloodbath hypes up, she give you a trap mixture of what the real ghetto is like. We met the young lady During SXSW in Austin and she has a humble ora. She chants “Deep In the Streets” with the “Everybody Eats” bandana around her head. What a way to display support and motivation with your team.

Everyone claim to be real and never a fake, well why are there so many accused of the fraudulent acts in this game? OMB Bloodbath got it on lock and describes a real and consistent come-up in her music. Check out the video now!

Kanye West Drops Interview with Charlemagne -NLM EXCLUSIVE

It’s was very refreshing to see Kanye West have such an insightful interview with Charlemagne after his controversial rants on Twitter. People were in rage of him wearing the MAGA hat and the impression of a support for Trump. He indirectly corrected his reasons and his breakdowns he had in the past. One thing we loved from the interview was Kanye stating “Stop doing things based on Fear”. Something most deal with today.

Kanye states that the breakthrough has him in a stronger place. It caused manipulation and created a validation he felt he didn’t need. Kanye seems to has risen from the hurt and pain he dealt with through media as well as with his mother’s death.

Kanye speaks on the robbery of his wife Kim Kardashian in Paris. Not being able to protect her as he wish was painful to him. He stated how it may have been set up, knowing that West would be on tour during his wife’s arrival to Paris. They caught them slipping you can say.

“They Lebron’d Me”

Charlemagne asks West about seeing a therapist. Kanye responded by saying he used the world as his therapist. With all he had to deal with as an icon, black man, lost of mother, self love, being a father and husband, he dealt with a lot. He explained why he didn’t say too much.

“Didn’t have a lot to say, but had a lot to learn”

He lost confidence coming through his breakthrough. He went into discussions about the word Humility. One thing that we noticed about his interview was that he was speaking the truth. And wasn’t afraid to say it.

“Basketball and Rap is someone’s else industry. You are the player”

He referenced this towards Virgil who was once Kanye’s Strategist. Virgil now over Men’s wear at Louis Vuitton. There has been some differences between his fellow friend. He speaks openly about it all.

He speaks on his differences with Jay-Z. Jay States in the “444” album how He gave Kanye 20 million:

Ye/You gave him 20 million without blinkin’/He gave you 20 minutes on stage, fuck was he thinkin’?”

Kanye defends by saying Jay got the money from the Roc Nation Touring Deal. He didn’t like how Jay made it seemed like it came straight out of his own pocket. Kanye is a Loyal yet emotional individual and felt some type of way. He has no hate but love towards Jay. Stating Family and of course Jay became a Co-Sign. He says branding = insecurities. How someone has to wear a luxury brand to consider themselves at a higher state. That was a dope comparison to today’s society. Being distracted and manipulated stepping into the music industry was a breakthrough for Kanye.


Overall, after seeing everyone ridicule one of our greatest artists of all time, shows how your people can turn their backs on you. Kanye takes it as people just stating their opinions which is true. We shouldn’t worry about what people think of us. This interview was an eye opener. With teaching us that information is everything. Kanye goes into how he didn’t want to be managed and artists should not overall. They should have CEOs! Also stating the 360 deal is the Harriet Tubman $20 dollar bill; “Ole Slave Shit”! Gathering 300 acres of land and building a community is his great ideas of today. He defends himself by saying “Trump = Anything is Possible”. Which is true. We have to think outside the box. This interview was a breakthrough for the culture. Watch it now.

Nicki Minaj Gives Us Second Single “Barbie Tingz” Here We Go Again

So after listening to “Chun Li” from Nicki Minaj, we said to ourselves that there has to be more to this! The track was cool, but with the anticipation, she could have just made a drop. But she is not Beyoncé right? Any-who, Nicki gave bars on “Barbie Tingz”. Again, she has this alter-ego that becomes sort of weird. We just wished she came super hard because the potential is extreme. Seems like she playing safe. Her deliverance on this track is much harder than the last track “Chun-Li”. The motives of these tracks seems to be that she wants the world to know who holds the Queen crown. She did better on “Motorsport”! But hey, we just awaiting for more! NEXT!!!!

Cam’Ron Gets Right To “The Program” with His Latest Mixtape

Before the year ends, Dipset’s own Cam’Ron releases some heavy Harlem swag in his mixtape “The Program“. As excited as we are, we infer that Diplomatic heads will be glad that this artist stuck to his roots. This will be his first mixtape dropped in four years.

Released by Killa Entertainment, the mixtape has fifteen tracks. With production by by Araab Musik, Just Blaze, Dollavision, ADM, Rek, JB Music, and more.

He features the young talented Don Q, which set the track “Hello” on fire. Cam blessed us with an original Dipset sound. Don Q blends well with the beat. Definitely an anthem for the Harlem new and old era.

Track 4, “Coleslaw” begins with him boasting he is back. “Lucy I’m Home” he screams. Listen as he discusses his feuds with his Kanye West. He brings up how Kanye goes A-Wall. This is a highlight of the mixtape of course.

Cam’Ron has always been a storyteller. “Remember Game” featuring Mimi explains them as a couple playing the Remember game. Similar to the blame game. This becomes a Bonnie and Clyde situation. Mimi has a sensual voice and he chooses a good singer. Plus this lady has bars! You will hear how they both played positions, made sacrifices, cheating, and more. Mimi definitely went in on Cam.

Araab Musik produces “The Other Side” featuring Sen City. The beat begins with replica of a Rick Ross/ LexLugar beat? Overall it was good track.

With “Fleegod“, it took about 10 seconds for Cam to catch the beat. We insists that the rapper sticks to his original flow, for sure.

Kiss Myself” is the 14th track produced by Just Blaze. With his original flow and ode to self love, it is not a surprise coming from Killa.

Last “Uwasntthere” becomes a highlight of the project as well. He gives us this live beat. With his storytelling, he discusses his struggle, his basketball career, his hustle, and more.

Overall, Killa came back with some pretty dope music. It brings you back to his Dipset era and should be appreciated. Some artists tend to linger off to the modern day rap which is not always authentic. His storytelling will always be the best to listen to. He stayed true to his Dipset roots. Cam should keep his flow the way it has always been. This is what makes him one of the most influential lyricists today. With his self love, realness, nonchalant attitude, and swag, it was a must hear.