Nyte Lyfe Music’s Exclusive Update : Kanye West “Ye”

Kayne dropped “Ye” June 1,2018 and had the world come into an agreeance. With his messages about having free speech and choices to having everyone questioning his “slavery was a choice” uproar. After this 7-tracked album, he attempts to answer some questions his fans may have. With appearances by Charlie Murphy, Kid Cudi, Valee, and more this album was something different yet refreshing.

Kanye had his Listening Party in Wyoming with several guests, check it out!



We had Westbank’s Artist FNM $hoota as our featured guest on the Hip-Hop Live Review Show in Houston and enjoyed his company. Check out The footage with Nyte Lyfe Lexx as they chop it up about his latest projects, point of views on music today, the culture of hip-hop, and more.

You can find FNM $hoota at @fnm_shoota (IG) and http://www.familyandmoneyent.com

Tommie King Gives Us “Last 24” Now On Nyte Lyfe Music

Tommie King has his latest track, “Last 24” that has a new and hip sound that we all may need to hear. Check out his music and tell us what you think.



YBC Lil Homie Ready To Take His Movement To The World

YBC Lil Homie has aspirations in taking his music to another level. Coming from a small town in Texas, he has what it takes to allow the world to hear his story. With growing up into sports to being exposed to the streets, Lil Homie’s words depicts his life.

“I always had a feel for music, it always in my heart.”

His first and latest project is a collaboration with King Fela, “Street Season”. His track “Lil Bro” has a gutta feel as well as a vision of his bond with his brother he grew up with. He also has the dope track “Forecast” with King Fela. As he becomes in tune with his artistry, he is creating his own lane with his music.

Lil Homie anticipates coming for Houston’s market, as it becomes open for authentic hip-hop music and artists. With the way he maneauver, Lil Homie has came up with a power play to become heard. With his trap music influence, he listens to Yo Gotti, Jeezy, ZRo, MoneyBagg Yo, and more. You can check out the artist on IG: @ybclilhomie, Twitter: @ybclil, and Youtube: YBClilhomie.

Big Twins & DJ +Spizz Presents EP “Billy Ocean”

The Infamous Big Twins aka “Twin Gambino” collaborated with DJ Spizz with EP “Billy Ocean”. The Queensbridge artist and Brooklyn based DJ has blessed hip hop with there new project September 29,2017 . The project consists of eight tracks featurung Fashawn, Chinky, Royal Flush, and Conway. As his late brother Prodigy recently passed, he still pays homage to Queen’s O.G.

The EP has a nice flow and beat but yet still grimey. The sounds of “Billy Ocean” has a feel good vibe. You can still hear the authenticy of the album. With Big Twins voice and DJ Spizz production, this was something needed for our hip-hop culture. Big Twins voice over powers everything. He sent messgaes throughout each track. There are even vinyls pressed of “Billy Ocean” you can purchase as well. We appreciate this collaboration that continue embrace dope music and still street on all levels. You can purchase this album at the link below.


The Lox Drops New EP #4NoReason – NLM Exclusive

The Lox just dropped EP ” #4NoReason” for the culture in October with Tidal. The 4 tracked EP has Styles P, Sheek Louch, and Jadakiss giving bars throughout the fifteen minute session. As they have transitioned to there present endeavors with Tidal, The Lox is back with some authentic sounds and lyrics. This is a preview to the legendary trio in our hip-hop culture.

Styles P, Sheek Louch, Jadakiss : D BLOCK 2017

1. Break It Down
2. Gangsta Party
3. Let’s Work
4. Re-Up

  1. “Break It Down” has a dope beat that has the The Lox’s sound which should be apprecaited by their fans.Styles P came through as the formulator. Sheek Louch delivered but not at his best potential.  Jadakiss verse has the best content overall.
  2. “Gangsta Party” featuring Derez Deshon is the highlight of this project. Sheek came through but needed to switch his style so it can bring more to our current state of hip-hop. Styles P could have finessed his content a bit more. As for Jada, he become the anchor of the track.
  3. “Let’s Work” has a cool beat and the chorus was immediate for the project. The track was straightforward but a twist was expected from the group. Jadakiss again came through giving flow and bars. As for Sheek and Styles they came together but the producer could have been on a better level.
  4. “Re-Up” featuring L-Biz is the last song on the EP. Jadakiss comes first and gives his known flow to the track. Next, Sheek comes and gives game. He also gives a storyline that tells you how to move in the game. He hit points on this track. Styles P comes last and gives his story as well. He speaks on his transition in his life. From how his Re-Up transitioned from dirty to clean. This track is also a good listen.


Overall, as a fan of real rap music, The Lox are pioneers of this culture. They only gave us four tracks, with that said, we were expecting something highly graded. If you give four tracks, you should consider at least a bonus. With the long wait of another Lox project, our expectations were a bit high. Not to say, they came through with some dope music. What are your thoughts? Preview a track below and tell us what you think.