Producer Chase N. Cashe & Polo Silk Collabs with Reebok For The #AlwaysClassic Sneakers In New Orleans

New Orleans is relatively known for its cultivating persona, especially in music, food, and fashion. Without no doubt, New Orleans culture has become widespread within all factors nationwide. This city has a very distictive presence once you step foot unto its soils. With that being said, the Classic Reeboks are a trademark. From No Limit to Cash Money Records, these historic sneakers has become apart of New Orleanians livlihoods.

Producer Chase N. Cashe and Polo Silk keep The Classic Reebok alive by releasing an Exclusive capsule at The Foot Locker on Canal Street. This will be held this Friday June 27th. Experience the Classic era with personalized photos by Polo Silk.

We will keep you updated on the new release and how these guys are representing a very unique city that everyone loves.


Fifteen Years Ago Today, One of Hip-Hop’s Classics was Released : “Paid In Full”

Today, October 25, Charles Stone III gave us an unforgettable movie “Paid In Full”. This movie was based on a true story in the 1980s in Harlem. “Paid In Full” title is also the same as the Legends Eric B & Rakim single. As we all may know the suspense to the betrayal of this movie, it a favorite. As we celebrate its 15th anniversary and its impact on Hip-Hop and its culture, it has to be envisioned.

Based on a true life story of a few drug dealers, the movie pictured real life to a dream by the hustle. Being a product of the environment. The movie shows Azie “Ace” Faison, Richard Porter, and Alpo Martinez living a fast life in the 80’s era.

Wood Harris (AZ), Mekhi Phifer (Rich), Cam’Ron (Rico)

The trio became a powerful force and necessity to their black community. No doubt this was displayed. Also the good to the bad. How the game can have you DOWN, quick. The movie created a high point in that era of the culture of Hip-Hop.

Shot by Miramax, we want to share behind the scenes of “Paid In Full”

There were appearances by Regina Hall, Noreaga, Elise Neal, Esai Morales, and of course Damon Dash. His appearances has always been revalent. Appreciation is showed to his impact on the Hip-Hop culture as well.

Mekhi (Mitch) wrote and portrayed the most emotional yet distressed scene in the movie. He states that he called Porter’s sister and a best friend. They explain┬áthe tragic scene shown as his little brother finger was cut off. The movie also shown one of the best snake scenes in history. Rico, shoots and kills Mitch behind the drugs and money placed into the game. In our society today,back stabbing is at an all time high. Since forever. Now at a peculiar rate.

Revisit the classic to our black culture as well as music.