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OG Boobie Black Drops “BOOBIE BOYZ” – Listen Now

New music has been released from New Orleans veteran OG Boobie Black. This become his first project titled “Boobie Boyz”. If you have listened to his series of “The Boobie Trapp” then prepare for more heat from the artist. The mixtape is hosted by BWA Ron which brings a different vibe the fans look forward to. The intro “Ox On The Line” shares a phone conversation prior to BWA Ox’s release from prison. The flow of the mixtape continues with street lyrics and hard production.

“Boobie Boyz” consist of 20 tracks with several appearances from dope artists. The album has a host of various artists such as Blac Youngsta, Almighty Dollar, Pitt X, Yung LB, Woop, RG Shyne, Bezz Believe, Yung Mazi, Tokey Heffner, and more. What is so unique is that each appearance grace the project with different styles and flows that relates to the streets. We look forward to hearing more from the OG.

You can view the tracklist and listen to the mixtape below.


Pee Supreme Joins In The Nyte Lyfe Podcast As She Prepares The World with Her New EP “Ready”

Episode 4: Exclusive with Houston’s female Rap artist Pee Supreme. She talks about her latest EP “Ready” and her experience while creating music.

Pee Supreme’s “Ready” is a definite vibe for everyone to enjoy. As she prepares the world to get “Ready”, she explains key points of her style, flow, and experience creating her new project. Pee Supreme has joined forces with Southern Heat Entertainment and The Supreme Life Music creating great quality music for the world to hear.

She also shares her motives behind the 7 track EP. She states “the seven flames” which you hear throughout the tape. Straight fire! Pee Supreme is not your average female rapper. She has flow, lyrics, and the presence for every walk of life.

Pee Supreme chats with us about the production which includes Producers DJ Chose and Avo. Both producers created a different feel to her artistry. The teamwork bought everything to life. Her presence on “Ready” was strong and yet sweet with her way to switch up the tones in each track. She has one feature from Seb Hollywood on “Different Lanes”.

Pee Supreme talks about her inspiration behind her campaign “I Am The Bag”. She explains that its not only about money but self confidence you bring about yourself. “Getting The Bag within You”. She signifies women’s empowerment and should be supported by every queen across the globe!

Be sure to check out more from our episode and also stream “Ready” on all major music platforms. Get Ready to be in for a rude awakening!

The Future Is Bright For Deonte Scott – In The Nyte Lyfe Exclusive

It was a pleasure to meet Mr. Deonte Scott at his Farewell Celebration At Boheme in Houston, TX. Scott is a Chicago native who resides in Houston about 10 years now. With his new job, he will be relocating to Austin, TX for an ultimate adventure. Meeting with Scott was a pleasure. To see many in supports of the transition of his career shows his work holds longevity. The room was filled with good spirits and smiles from famiy and friends in supports of Mr. Scott. Sherita Stanley from Vision4Productions spoke with a few family and friends about Deonte:

“I watched Deonte connect with strangers, then – using his words – strip himself bare.  Doing that allowed them to drop the mask of “it’s okay” or “we’re getting used to this” or “it is what it is”.  And they let their true, raw feelings pour out, because Deonte had created a space that felt safe.  And by sharing they left behind part of their burden because they sensed that Deonte was willing to pick it up and carry it and care for it.”

*Margaret Smith – Texas Childrens Hospital

“Worked with him at Cheveron formed a really good close friendship really good guy – he’s a good egg!!! Big time gentleman!!! ”

*Lyndsey Fitzgerald x Jenny Latman x tiffany Corbin of Chevron

“Deonte and I met at church we’ve been knowing each other roughly 7 or 8 years” – (Shannon Jackson)

“Work with him at the city knowing him 8/9 years and have been feiends every since!!! Very great friend …. Wishing him luck and keep in touch” – Karen & Kory Davis

Deonte works in the technology field with Global Mobility. He worked for Chevron before as well. He is a well known poet, giving spoken words about love, hardships, mental health, and more relatable issues in our community.

Deonte believes in becoming purposeful in life. Witnessing how people attract to ones doing, gives you a reason why he is loved by many. He became the voice for the people. You can ask for so much in the world, but giving and receiving this much love doesn’t amount to much for Mr.Scott. We are excited for his future endeavors and the milestone he has created for him and his family.


We had Westbank’s Artist FNM $hoota as our featured guest on the Hip-Hop Live Review Show in Houston and enjoyed his company. Check out The footage with Nyte Lyfe Lexx as they chop it up about his latest projects, point of views on music today, the culture of hip-hop, and more.

You can find FNM $hoota at @fnm_shoota (IG) and http://www.familyandmoneyent.com

Gucci Mane Excites His Fans with The Release of “Mr.Davis”

After a delay in dropping his second album in 2017, Gucci Mane has finally dropped “Mr.Davis“. October 13,2017, Gucci released his 11th studio album with seventeen tracks. These seventeen tracks are filled with Brr, Brr but yet you would notice the maturity in the artists’ approach.

credits to : 70mack

With appearances by The Weekend, The Migos, Big Sean,  Nicki Minaj, School Boy Q, Chris Brown, Young Dolph, Slim Jxmmi, A$AP Rocky, Ty Dolla $ign, Monica, and more.

There is production by Metro Boomin, Southside, A1, Zaytoven, Young Berg, Detail, and more.

credit to : hotnewhiphop

Mr. Davis” is a variety of sounds where Gucci Mane has his appearances tap into their artistry with no effort. ” I Get A Bag” featuring The Migos is an example. Gucci Mane’s flow is compared to the long time collaborative group. Matter of fact, our first encounter with The Migos was with Gucci. With production by Metro Boomin and Southside, the track is pretty dope. Gucci Mane’s verse was the highlight. He fell right in with his flow and demeanor.

Stunting Ain’t Nuthin” featuring Rae Sremmurd’s Slim Jxmmi and Young Dolph is another highlight on the album. Slim Jxmmi definitely impressed our team because his verses were entertaining. Even Dolph’s verses was a good listen. Gucci Mane made a good choice with these artists combined on this album.

Listen to “Enormous” featuring Ty Dolla $ign and enjoy this feature as well. Gucci did it again with production by OG Parker, Rex Kudo, and TM88, which gave itself away throughout the entire song. The song has a definite feel for the ladies besides his potty mouth. Ty Dollar $ign has created a new sound for Gucci. This is one of our favorites on the album.

When hearing Big Sean as a feature on a track, you should know it has been twisted into his own way because of his originality. “Changed” is a fire track, especially with its content and objective. The track is produced by Key Wane, and has a glorify affect, as if it is apart of a testimony.

Our last highlight is “Miss My Woe” featuring Rico Love. Rico Love sings and actually apart of the production which is live as hell. Danja and Chris Bosh also has credits to production. The song begins with ” Took a shot Dusse, Now I’m Missing My Woe“. The song explains the pain from losing a close friend and how it affects Gucci. From a drug dealing lifestyle, not all make it to see 40 years old. Gucci reminiscences and adding Rico Love brings the track to a sentimental point.

Overall, “Mr.Davis” is a transition for Gucci Mane, but still you are able to hear that Mr.Zone 6 throughout the album. His features were remarkable and we use that word because Gucci has been an influence to the Trap Music genre.  With his mishaps with prison, and being released making tons of music, Gucci is definitely the man.




Eminem Goes Completely Off on President Trump during The BET Hip Hop Awards

Eminem wowed the world last night with his gruesome freestyle against Donald Trump. This has to be thus far the craziest uproar towards Trump you can ever witness on National television. With the media antics, we are proud this was broadcasted. BET gave Eminem a go and he went in all gas no breaks for this one.

Every line the rapper spits, he torments the reality of our current president. In Eminem’s eyesight, and the majority of everyone else, Trump has left the nation to rot. Not giving a care during some of the most treacherous moments our country can bare.

You can hear the anger in Eminem’s voice as he gives our recent President Obama props and compare him to Trump:

“We better give Obama props ’cause what we got in office now is a kamikaze that will probably cause a nuclear holocaust while the drama pops, and he waits for s— to quiet down, he’ll just gas his plane up and fly around till the bombing stops.”

The rapper has been distant to the world lately and to see his outburst gives chills to the young generation of Rappers today. This is said because now he has set a bar, and with over a million views on YouTube in a 10 hour period, people are watching. We are hoping this brings awareness.

He even mentions NFL player, Colin Kapernick during a heated line in the freestyle:

‘F— that, this is for Colin, ball up a fist and keep that s— balled like Donald the b—-‘

We have the full clip of the freestyle against Donald Trump, check it out exclusively.

Love2Jam Radio Presents Unplugged “Houston Edition” May 21, 2017

Let’s Recap on Love2Jam Radio’s latest Unplugged Show with Y.B.G. We such a great time with Mysslovie and the crew. May 21, 2017 Love2jam had another banging show with some dope artists.

To start off the show, they opened with Zay Reed and Zay The Premier. Both artists collaborated on the stage and kept it going. Zay Reed has a sensual voice as he sings to the ladies in the room. Premier showed his skills as he rock the audience. Both artists were dope. We consider they become more enthused with their stage presence.

Special guest Duck came and blessed the stage! He has a strong presence and good delivery. He has an old school flow, which was refreshing to hear besides the repetitious sounds of today. This is our first time encountering music from this artist and would like to hear more.

Last, Love2Jam closed out the show with Jus Kno Mac. Performing his hit single “Flip Phone” had the crowd jumping! Mac also had a great performance and good delivery on the stage. Everyone was engaged. Which is very important when you are trying to attract new fans. We are waiting for this artist to give us more to feed off that energy he has.

This was one of our best shows at Love2Jam radio! We enjoyed how much talent was in that room! Stay Tuned for more features on Unplugged’s Show!

Throwback Thursday: The Alchemist- 1st Nfranty

Producers play a very significant role in Hip Hop Music since forever. One of the most talented, grimiest, producers is The Alchemist. If you were  a fan of the 90s era, then the 1st Nfrantry should have enlightened you. Even though this album dropped 2004, the sound, content, and production was overall raw. This project may not be as Effective to most in today’s music. Hip Hop heads should have this in common as well as we do. If you haven’t heard it yet, go ahead and envision Alchemist sounds through your ears.

This 19 track project has some of your most influential artists yet legendary. The Alchemist kicks off the “Dead Bodies” featuring The Game and Prodigy. The grimey record “Essence” has “The Lox” pounding the beat and creating tension across it. Not to forget the single of the album “Hold You Down” featuring Nina Sky and Illa Ghee. Not to forget Alchemist spitting as well. You will catch him on multiple tracks.

Stop The Show” has Stat Quo and Legendary MOP. He even has Lloyd Banks on “Bangers”. There were a host of more features including Devin The Dude, Nas, J Hood, Dilated People, TI and PSC, and BReal of Cypress Hill.

Collectively, The 1st Nfrantry was a solid album. The Street Tones, Paranoia sounds, suspense, grimey beats, and that Up North sound sets it off. This album is well appreciated from Nyte Lyfe and in hopes to hear another from today’s artists and The Alchemist.


Kendrick Lamar Treats The World with New Released Album “Damn”

Not too long ago, Kendrick teased his fans with releasing “The Heart Pt. 4″ before his album. February 14,2017, the album “Damn” comes out giving the world a reality check in our opinion. With dope appearances by Rihanna, U2, Zachari, and more, he has set the bar once again.

With tracks listed in bold letters, it screams out topics which seems demanded to speak on.  GOD, LUST, LOVE, PRIDE, DNA, are just a few. Kendrick is known for not just catchy lyrics but it’s meaning and purpose as an artist as well.

Not to even start with the great collaborations with super producer Mike WiLL Made It, who produced Single “HUMBLE” and XXX. Alchemist came and torn up FEAR. J. Blake was also a talk about producing DUCKWORTH. Including 9th Wonder on this track raised the cred as well.

What are your thoughts on the latest creation from Kendrick? Give us your opinion and comment below.