20 Year XXXTentacion Has Passed Away Today – His Fan and Hip-Hop Reacts

It began with early today seeing notifications of XXXTentacion in critical condition from being shot while in Florida. He was aparently shot while in his BMW coupe. Immediately, it was announced that he has now passed away.

XXXTentacion been influential to the young generation. His music became relatable to many. He expresses how he dealt with depression and helped others in his community. Some disliked or disgreed with XXX because of his sound and/or appearance. He was in some trouble for alledgedley beating on his past girlfriend. Despite the negative, XXX wanted to make a better life for himself as well as others. His music made the billboards as well as collaborated with other major artists.

We are praying for his family, friends, and fans. Rest In Peace.



We had Westbank’s Artist FNM $hoota as our featured guest on the Hip-Hop Live Review Show in Houston and enjoyed his company. Check out The footage with Nyte Lyfe Lexx as they chop it up about his latest projects, point of views on music today, the culture of hip-hop, and more.

You can find FNM $hoota at @fnm_shoota (IG) and http://www.familyandmoneyent.com

Rick Ross Is Hopitalized After Being Found Unresponsive

Maybach Music’s Rick Ross was found unresponsive in Miami yesterday morning. It is said that it can be from possible pneumonia. In reference to TMZ, it is said someone called 911 stating Ross was slobbing by the mouth yesterday morning. It is also said that his symptoms are heart related. It is known that he has had health issues before, suffering from seizures quite often. He has made a good weight loss and we pray that his health becomes stronger.

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Summer Runners Keeping They Fans Alert with “Sammy Sosa “

The Quadratic team Summer Runners just released a track “Sammy Sosa” and we have it for you to hear! These talented Mo City artists has shown Houston why hard work and consistency pays off. Sirspitta, Theycallmeyoung, Young Lyve, and Oblivious Jones, has a brotherly effect on the tracks we have came across. “Goyard Bag” is one of our favorites!

Sammy Sosa has each artists go in off this dope beat, showing off their talents. This is definitely competitive demeanors coming from these artists! We love the drive!

We want to know if their name will speak for itself this Summer 17′ !! We look forward to hearing more from these fellas!

Chris Reze and Laid Back Jones Presents “8893” with Nyte Lyfe’s Exclusives

After hearing a few tracks, we began to get more acquainted with these two talented artists in Houston. Chris Reze and Laid Back Jones has came together on a joint project called “8893“. After a download from ITunes, to playing the first three records, we were sold! This 15 track album has surfaced to the airwaves and we need for you to hear!

These two guys sat with LexxCouppe and explained what “8893” means. Laid Back Jones explains how this is the years they were both born. Jones, 88′ and Chris 93′. They come together and give you their point of views with their times shared in this world. Also to add to the dopeness, Laid Back Jones produced the entire project! The brother got skills!

With the first track being a highlight, Kobe is explanatory. ” Purple and yellow my niggas pouring“. Reze gives you insight on his day to day endeavors with the Lean or some say “Drank”. With lean creating its own epidemic, you could listen to Kobe and hear its effects. Matter of fact the entire project consists of the drinking, cup pouring moments.

The Shift” which you can view below, is another highlight and of course another single off “8893“. This song is featuring Keing Rico, who crushes the chorus and Chris. The talents are bought to front street on this one.

It’s In Me” has this beat that could have you dazed right along with the artists. Chris Reze brings it to life on the hook. “No More” featuring Yung Trill, is another dope track. Yung Trill brings another feel to the song and was a good collaboration.

There are several other tracks such as How I Cope, Sober, and Treat ya Nose just naming a few. There were features from Macc Duce and Yves Saint Nick as well.

Overall, “8893” has been added to NyteLyfe’s playlist. We hear several artists and the sounds become repetitive. With “8893“, we believe there is still hope. There are actual artists with talents and they are surfacing so the world to hear.

Throwback Thursday: The Alchemist- 1st Nfranty

Producers play a very significant role in Hip Hop Music since forever. One of the most talented, grimiest, producers is The Alchemist. If you were  a fan of the 90s era, then the 1st Nfrantry should have enlightened you. Even though this album dropped 2004, the sound, content, and production was overall raw. This project may not be as Effective to most in today’s music. Hip Hop heads should have this in common as well as we do. If you haven’t heard it yet, go ahead and envision Alchemist sounds through your ears.

This 19 track project has some of your most influential artists yet legendary. The Alchemist kicks off the “Dead Bodies” featuring The Game and Prodigy. The grimey record “Essence” has “The Lox” pounding the beat and creating tension across it. Not to forget the single of the album “Hold You Down” featuring Nina Sky and Illa Ghee. Not to forget Alchemist spitting as well. You will catch him on multiple tracks.

Stop The Show” has Stat Quo and Legendary MOP. He even has Lloyd Banks on “Bangers”. There were a host of more features including Devin The Dude, Nas, J Hood, Dilated People, TI and PSC, and BReal of Cypress Hill.

Collectively, The 1st Nfrantry was a solid album. The Street Tones, Paranoia sounds, suspense, grimey beats, and that Up North sound sets it off. This album is well appreciated from Nyte Lyfe and in hopes to hear another from today’s artists and The Alchemist.


Kendrick Lamar Treats The World with New Released Album “Damn”

Not too long ago, Kendrick teased his fans with releasing “The Heart Pt. 4″ before his album. February 14,2017, the album “Damn” comes out giving the world a reality check in our opinion. With dope appearances by Rihanna, U2, Zachari, and more, he has set the bar once again.

With tracks listed in bold letters, it screams out topics which seems demanded to speak on.  GOD, LUST, LOVE, PRIDE, DNA, are just a few. Kendrick is known for not just catchy lyrics but it’s meaning and purpose as an artist as well.

Not to even start with the great collaborations with super producer Mike WiLL Made It, who produced Single “HUMBLE” and XXX. Alchemist came and torn up FEAR. J. Blake was also a talk about producing DUCKWORTH. Including 9th Wonder on this track raised the cred as well.

What are your thoughts on the latest creation from Kendrick? Give us your opinion and comment below.