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Food Review In The Nyte Lyfe Bar Marilou

What a superb invite to New Orleans’s cool spot called Bar Marilou. The bar has a well spirited feeling that brings a crowd more in tuned. As you walk up to the bar, you become urged to feel the presence from the bright red light “Bar Marilou” . This bar becomes a hidden treasure with beautiful people around! It is encouraged to come to this bar after work for leisure time or for a one on one conversation with a loved one!

Our invite was extended from our fellow New Orleans blogger/influencer Dee Hollins “Nola Chic” this past week to come check out a bar in the Warehouse District. We would love to thank her for allowing us to enjoy signature cocktails and tasty appetizers with her.

Here we share what we had a chance to try out and our experience:

Brave Margot

(Rum, campari, velvet falemum, pineapple, lime)

Nice Citrus taste with sweet pineapple. The rum is very smooth and gives life through every sip.

Pommes Marilou

(Crispy potato, creme fraiche, bowlin caviar)

The crispy taste of potatoes gives taste buds the best feeling. Burst of flavor comes from every bite.

Stuffed Mushrooms

(Oyster, Tasso, Pernod Cream, Mushrooms)

Gives your tongue a pop! Very delicious and becomes indulging every bite!



Behind The Scenes at The Block Party for Video Shoot Of “Throw Fits”

We were on the scene for the upcoming video of “Throw Fits” with Juvenile, Yung Miami, G-Eazy, and Super Producer London On Tha Track. The block party scene was located on Frenchmen Street, at the Blue Nile. Many people gathered together to be apart of a culture filled scene in the middle of the street.

We were invited by Freewater, who came together and gathered many people to come out and dance, party, and be apart of dope scene of the video shoot. They also gave a crawfish boil for the everyone came out. We caught London On Tha Track and Juvenile enjoying crawfish.

Everyone was enjoying themselves, especially G-Eazy, as he amps the crowd and embrace the fans and people gathering in their presence. London On Tha Track gathered the people and upcoming local artists from the city for shoots in the video and also embraced them with photos and gracing his presence as well.

The atmosphere was full of beautiful vibes as well as beautiful people coming together. Even though the sun was vibrant, nothing amounted to the huge smiles of the people enjoying themselves. One thing we noticed was the video had an abundant feel of the culture. There was a second line band, ladies twerking, vibrant colors in everyone’s attire, and much more.

Photo by OneShotFilmz

We are confident that the video will capture the New Orleans culture. As natives, it was refreshing to be apart what should be a hit single! The video will add more insight of our culture. With the city always being an influence in the hip hop scene, “Throw Fits” will stamp where it all began! Our music, food, and amazing people has any tourist visiting leaving with high vibrations and happiness.

Be on the look out for the video! We will keep you In The Nyte Lyfe even in The Daytime!

3D’s Krazy Kitchen Gives Back with Their 4th Annual Back 2 School Drive

We recieved an invitation to 3D’s Krazy Kitchen “4th Annual Back 2 School Drive” for August 19th of 2018. This event was filled with friendly entertainment for all ages. There were backpack giveaways including raffles, space walks, music, and great food for the children to enjoy.

The school drive increased the families present drive and motivation for this currents school year. Being able to bring smiles as well as becoming a black owned business for the community to confine in is what’s called black excellence. We had the pleasure to meet with The Gibsons, the owners of 3D’s Krazy Kitchen. Their eagerness to assist in the community was graceful. This humble couple served a purpose from above to give back in the most postive way. To see their business flourish shows how supporting your own is so important.

We enjoyed connecting with 3D’s Krazy Kitchen as well as Southern Heat Entertainment, DJ Sir Jay Boogie, Starlitz Xpress Cheer, IHI, Official Authentic, 3D’ Lounge, and Hard Head Rides.


We also enjoyed 3D’s One Stop Shop, the place to be for your delicious cajun and southern meals with a good drink. This is a great place right on time to watch the games to having a drink after work. They serve anything you want from wings, pasta, burgers, nachos, sweets, and much more. You can visit the One Stop Shop on 5928 Leedale St. Houston TX, 77016. 

Visit 3D’s Krazy Kitchen website below:


Producer Chase N. Cashe & Polo Silk Collabs with Reebok For The #AlwaysClassic Sneakers In New Orleans

New Orleans is relatively known for its cultivating persona, especially in music, food, and fashion. Without no doubt, New Orleans culture has become widespread within all factors nationwide. This city has a very distictive presence once you step foot unto its soils. With that being said, the Classic Reeboks are a trademark. From No Limit to Cash Money Records, these historic sneakers has become apart of New Orleanians livlihoods.

Producer Chase N. Cashe and Polo Silk keep The Classic Reebok alive by releasing an Exclusive capsule at The Foot Locker on Canal Street. This will be held this Friday June 27th. Experience the Classic era with personalized photos by Polo Silk.

We will keep you updated on the new release and how these guys are representing a very unique city that everyone loves.

Impacting Houston Inc. Gives Back To The Community During Easter Spring Blast

Impacting Houston Inc. has been doing good deeds in the community. We witnessed this during their Easter Blast Friday, March 30th at Hobart Taylor Park. There were fun and games, food, Easter baskets, and live performances for the children to enjoy.  We had invitation by T. Nitty, owner of Southern Heat Entertainment, and Partner, Don Mucker. Their motives are to give back to the community and to those in need. Impacting Houston Inc. provides leadership skills, mentoring, team building, and opportunity to enjoy life at our best.

Photos Credit: DShotPhoto

Photos Credit: DShotPhotoPhotos Credit: DShotPhoto

This event was bought to you by The United Healthcare, B.C. Elmore Elementary, Hobart Taylor Park, AfroBeatz Fitness, 93.7 Beat Radio, Beauty Empire, and a host of others. In attendance, Major Sylvester Turner, Congresswoman Shelia Jackson, and Council Member Jerry Davis, and Council Member Amanda Edwards were greeted by everyone in the park. There were a live fitness session on stage with Ms. Lola with AfroBeatz Fitness. This African style fitness class helps you burn more calories than you can think of. Lola demonstrated the dances used in her classes for people can see working out can be fun.

The performances were arranged by Southern Heat Entertainment. There were appearances by Rap Artist Austin Lanier, Lil Jesse, Young Lyric and more. For more music and entertainment, you can visit website http://www.southernheatent.com

Lil Jesse Photos Credit: DShotPhotoPhotos Credit: DShotPhoto

Impacting Houston Inc. has year-round events that caters to the community. They come together during Back-to School, Thanksgiving, and Christmas as well. They assist with preparing kids with hair cuts, and styles for the girls prepping up for school. They serve children ages 5-18 years old.

Harris County Constable Dept Photos Credit: DShotPhoto

Overall, the outcome of the Easter Blast was a success! You were able to notice people coming together for a good cause. To see families enjoy Good Friday with festivities, brightened the entire day. With the city at a need for help, there are sleeping giants such as Impacting Houston Inc. They were able to bring beautiful vibes with families and friends.

You can visit this organization on http://www.impactinghouston.org.

We look forward to seeing what will be next up as this organization Impacts Houston in such a good way.

Photos Credit: DShotPhoto

Photos Credit: DShotPhoto

*Photo Credits: DShot Photos*