Cardi B Debut Album “Invasion of Privacy” Drops Today- LISTEN NOW

Everyone has been waiting for Cardi B to drop her album “Invasion of Privacy”. With her hit singles “Bodak Yellow” and “Kartier Bardi” she has been ripping the charts.

Cardi has appearances by SZA, 21 Savage, YG, Migos, Chance The Rapper, and more. As she excell in the industry, Cardi has bacame a household name. Standing along side Bruno Mars and embracing her culture, she is living ultimate dreams.

Listen to the album below on Spotify.


Backstage Bryan Gets Hypebeast Kreeg To Workout, And Then This Happens….

We had to make sure you take a look at this puppet with these tattoos and supreme underwear on. With his swagger with the fashion, this guy has to get his fits customed right?! This guy is definitely a gangterfied act! Backstage Bryan gets Hypebeast Kreeg to come to the Horsemen Worldwide World. Kreeg has to workout, and it doesn’t get easy for the kiddo. Bryan suffers getting Kreeg to put all efforts into getting fit. He had to entice the puppet with a blunt of that gas. This comedy get weirder as you watch in laughter! You can check these guys on IG at @hypebeastkreeg and @backstageBryan. Check it out below!

BlocBoy JB with OVO? Check New Video “Look Alive” Featuring Drake

Memphis Artist BlocBoy JB released his video with Drake called “Look Alive”. With the two at the gym to the block, they both seems to have a good time enjoying life. You can catch Drake at the club doing the dance BlocBoy kills everyone. There is even a cameo with MoneyBagg Yo as well. Memphis is definitely up right now! Check out the video now!!

Dave East Has A Sold Out Show on Paranoia 2 Tour-HTown

Dave East just dropped his latest project “Paranoia 2” January 16, 2018. As we watch the artist and his growth, he seems to demolish every city he has on his tour. We were able to experience the “P2” tour while he visited Houston.

The opening acts gave a dope show as well with GQ Emmit, Lenny Bri, EO The Mechanic, DJ XO, and more.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018, Dave sells out his Houston show at Warehouse Live. He jumps on stage opening with “Talk To Big”, first track off the “P2”. He then have a special Guest, Trae The Truth to step on stage. We seen Appearances by Lil Flip, J Prince Jr., Compton Menace, and more.

Image Taken by Joey Hunt Media

He performed “Phone Jumpin” featuring Wiz Khalifa and “Paranoia”. He also gave the crowd “Woke Up” featuring Torey Lanez, “Perfect” featuring Chris Brown, and a host of more dope tracks.

Dave East was definitely welcomed with opened arms in Houston. The entire room was lit up from the engagement from the crowd. Be sure to check out his mixtape “Paranoia 2” now!

Dave East Drops “P2” – Paranoia 2 Feat. Lloyd Banks, Tory Lanez, Marsha Ambrosius (Listen Now)

@bet Dave East

Dave East drops the sequel Paranoia 2 (P2), January 16, 2018. He obviously took all the smoke 2018 with this 15 tracked mixtape. This the part two of the Paranoia which dropped September 2017.His mean storytelling reflects to his Paranoia of the mixtape. Dave East got into his realm and created an addiction to the streets. With his appearances by Torey Lanez, T.I., Lloyd Banks, Marsha Ambrosius, Bino Rideaux, and more. Dave East is a spokesman of the generation. This mixtape is the raw essence of Dave’s success and talents. You can hear it more than previous tapes Karma and even Paranoia.

“Keisha Video” Dave East

As we reviewed his previous work beginning with Kairi Channel, he has evolved completely out of the roof. With the production on “Woke Up” feat. Tory Lanez by Reazy Renegade. It is a dope collaboration. Also production by Illmind, Cariak, CritaCal, Triple A, DaSanchize, Kangaroo, Buda and Grandz, and more.

He even dropped a video to “They Hated” feat. Nas. The video was a movie visual directed by Kid Ink. This track is not on the mixtape P2 but seems to be the introduction of this drop. See it here.

He is currently on “Paranoia 2” tour and will be in Houston,TX January 23rd. If you may need tickets,comment below and we can get you the taken care of! Listen now to the entire mixtape now!

Dave East is an Artist that always had his own lane. This also is the case of his success. He kept it real as they come. From Black Rose to his P2, you can hear he has evolved. This mixtape will  be appreciated by his true fans. Salute!

Lil Wayne & Drake “Family Feud” DC6

Drake: Super Bowl goals
I’m at the crib with Puff, he got Kaepernick on the phone
He in a whole different mode

Angel hair at 2AM for Bey and Hov
Just to show them how I treat the city like my humble abode

Aye, tell me if TD bank is approving loans
I’m thinking about paying Wayne what Universal owes
My nigga spend a lifetime going platinum and gold
He should own half of the label, shit outta control

Somebody get Larry Jackson on the phone
I need some ownership if we pressing go
‘Cause business is booming on behalf of me
I need a bite outta the Apple like Adam and Eve

We gon’ have to break the billi’ curse
I need my paper long like “A Milli” verse
Or too long like a sentence from a Philly judge

Fuck is the point in all the beefing when we really blood

Nobody wins when the family feuds, nigga

Everybody gotta eat, we can’t exclude niggas

I make the crib, expanding pools, and expanding rooms
Adding Hammam Spas with tanning booths, nigga

That’s truth, no boost, nigga

But this isn’t all about calling truce
I’m still dishing out verbal abuse
That shit could get re-introduced if somebody got something they urging to prove, nigga

Inspiring to the youth

New Years Eve, looking like a royal flush
Wait, we all in the same suit

I’m hall of fame in the booth, nigga

My karma making the news, nigga

This pudding taste like the proof, nigga

If I ever see Trump, he better salute niggas
Much as we do nigga
For real

Rapper Lewminatti Gives Back To The Kids For XMas Straight From Release Out Of Jail

About a week ago, Rapper Lewminatti “Trill God” had a rough time and had to do jail time. Once released, he gave back to his home town Houston, giving tons of toys to the children. They were in Haverstock Hill Apts. As you look into the children eyes in the video below, you can see the happiness and joy which would brighten up anyone’s day. He had along his side Sweetshoppecouture, Producer NikkoBassBoomin and his team which made great smiles across everyone faces this Christmas year.

“Nobody but me and KingDBlack gave back to da hood, just me and my real team out here in da streets givin back to the community”

Lewminatti states how some rappers and some trappers proclaim to do so much but no action is shown in the city. He came back to Houston to make no point but to make a parent and child day much more delightful. Lewminatti is laying law and calling himself “The King of The City”. We look forward to what great things he has up next.